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All that we know about the Google Pixel Fold so far includes its specifications, design features, release date, and pricing.

The Google Pixel Fold is said to be the company’s first foldable smartphone. In recent months, there have been many leaks. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to go through everything we know about the rumoured foldable smartphone thus far.

The market for foldable smartphones is developing steadily, but that may soon change, as many manufacturers are planning on launching a foldable handset this year. This includes Google, which is said to be working on its first foldable smartphone for release in 2021. The software behemoth is a relative newcomer to the smartphone market, and its hardware efforts have mostly failed. As a result, it will be fascinating to see what Google has planned for the forthcoming Pixel Fold.

Pixel Fold, according to rumours, will be released later this year. Samsung’s ultra-thin glass (UTG) screens, which are presently only available on the Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2, are also expected to be included in the smartphone. We’ve also seen a few Google hinge patents, the most recent of which shows a book with the same folding design as most foldable smartphones. A gadget dubbed “Passport” has also been discovered in the Android 12 source code.

Google Pixel fold Features

The existence of the Google Pixel Fold has been confirmed by these leaks. We chose to describe everything known so far about this foldable smartphone in order to keep you up to speed with the most recent information available.

For quite some time, we’ve been seeing leaks about the Google Pixel Fold. 9to5Google discovered clues regarding a Google foldable smartphone in one of the first big leaks. Last month, the same outlet discovered the codenames for Google’s next gadgets. While delving through the Android 12 beta code, these codenames and model numbers were found. Furthermore, the model numbers shown below are for Japanese versions of the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and other devices.

The Pixel Fold is said to be codenamed Passport and has the product number GPQ72. However, this does not guarantee that it will be released with the Pixel 6 this year.

Google has filed several design patents for a foldable smartphone, all of which seem to be useful in establishing the design of the rumoured Pixel Fold. Patently Apple just found a new patent that shows a tablet-like folding design that can be extended a bit farther when open. This is a brand-new design that has the potential to set the Pixel Fold apart from the competition. However, it’s doubtful that the company would launch its first foldable smartphone with an unproven design.

The other two patents depict a traditional clamshell form that looks similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, as well as a Z-shaped triple-fold design that unfolds into a tablet. For its first foldable smartphone, Google seems to be experimenting with a variety of designs. However, it’s difficult to say if any of these ideas will make an appearance in the forthcoming model.

According to what we’ve learned, Google will get OLED screens for the Pixel Fold from Samsung. This is expected to have a 7.6-inch display, similar to what has been rumoured for the internal display of the Galaxy Z 3. Furthermore, the Pixel Fold is expected to come with Samsung’s ultra-thin glass (UTG) display. This is intended to make Google’s forthcoming foldable device’s internal display less brittle.

Waqar Khan, a YouTuber, has also released renderings of the Google Pixel Fold. These renderings are based on the design of the Pixel 5, although they seem to be far from reality.

There have been very few speculative leaks around the Google Pixel Fold. However, given the high-end nature of Foldable devices, Google is expected to include high-end tech in its foldable smartphone. The smartphone may, however, be powered by Qualcomm’s top Snapdragon 888 processor. It’s an octa-core chipset with an Adreno 660 GPU built on a 5nm manufacturing process. The chipset can support up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

Aside from that, we’ve heard rumours of an internal chipset dubbed “Whitechapel.” Samsung is developing this chipset, which is anticipated to appear in the forthcoming Pixel 6 series. If this is confirmed, the Pixel Fold may come equipped with the rumoured chipset.

—Foldable phone cameras are still inferior to those found on conventional phones. As a result, Google can capitalise on the lack of camera-centric foldable devices. Even with limited hardware, the brand has been able to offer excellent camera performance. However, we’d love to see additional cameras on the Pixel Fold.

—A taskbar resembling Windows has been discovered in Android 12 DP2 for large-screen devices and foldable phones, leading us to believe that Google is working on multitasking capabilities for Android 12.

Several predictions have been made regarding the Pixel Fold’s release. According to Jon Prosser, the smartphone may be released later this year or in early 2022, but Display expert Ross Young thinks it would be released in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to Elec, Samsung will begin producing OLED panels in October of this year. According to this rumour, the Pixel Fold will not be shown with the Pixel 6 at Google’s hardware presentation later this year. Every year in October, Google releases a new product.

Unlike the debut date, there hasn’t been much information regarding the Google Pixel Fold’s price. Also, since this is the brand’s first Foldable product, there is no pricing history. As a result, we’ll have to depend on the price foldable that is already accessible on the market.

In India, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is the closest rival to the forthcoming Pixel Fold, costs Rs 1,35,000 right now. With that in mind, we anticipate the Pixel Fold to launch in India at a starting price of Rs 1,10,000.

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