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Google Assistant is coming to Chromebooks with Chrome OS Update 77

Chromebook users can use Google Assistant to make reminders, play music, manage smart home devices, and more with the new Chrome OS 77 update.

In a recent announcement, Google announced the introduction of a new Chrome OS version with changed functionality. Media management alerts, Family Link enhancements, and more features have been introduced to Chrome OS 77. Google has extended the availability of Google Assistant to additional Chromebook machines in the most recent operating system upgrade.

You can set up Google Assistant on most Chromebooks, Google says. To ask a question, set a reminder, play music, manage smart home devices, and more, say “Hey Google” or click the Assistant logo from the Launcher. The upgrade will be gradually sent out over the next several days, according to the statement. This implies that if you haven’t already, your devices should get it shortly.

Users may also control audio from a single location using the latest Chrome OS version. This implies that if an undesirable movie begins playing from one of the device’s tabs, users will be able to quickly silence it. These controls are just a mouse click away. It may be accessed by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen. In addition, using the Family Link app, parents can now easily add screen time for their children. In addition, the Send this icon is now accessible in the URL bar if you need to switch to viewing a web page on your phone. The latest version also includes battery-saving features, such as auto-shutdown after three days of standby.

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