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Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that may change the way we interact with the app.

Instagram’s ‘Suggested Posts’ may eventually be mixed in with normal posts from accounts you follow.

Instagram is allegedly developing a new feature that will display Suggested Posts in between material from accounts you follow, such as pictures, videos, and IGTV. In August 2020, the Facebook-owned site launched Suggested Posts, which basically displays material (mostly pictures) from accounts that users aren’t following. Until recently, they appeared immediately after the “You’re All Caught Up” message “banner to encourage users to spend as much time as possible on the site.

The goal of Suggested Posts is to offer readers material from non-followed accounts that they may like depending on how they engage with the site. Following good feedback, Instagram is now aiming to combine normal posts from following accounts with Suggested Posts, according to The Verge. The business is now testing it with a small group of people, and the ultimate rollout may be dependent on feedback.

Instagram is also said to be developing new features that would enable users to add particular subjects to their Suggested Posts as an interest. Similarly, users will be able to snooze these articles from the feed for a period of 30 days. While some may argue that Suggested Posts would make public accounts (with similar interests) more discoverable, it has the potential to completely change the user experience.

To begin, the site has relied on its algorithm rather than a chronological sequence to determine which posts may pique users’ attention. As a result, some users may be dissatisfied with their entire Instagram experience due to a lack of options. Second, Instagram already displays “Promoted” material “Suggested Posts may obstruct the experience even more by appearing in between normal content from following accounts.

Overall, the snooze button may become quite popular. Meanwhile, Instagram’s desktop website has quietly added the ability to write and publish posts. The option to apply filters and edit pictures and videos are also part of the new capability.

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