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Krafton acknowledges providing Battlegrounds Mobile player data to non-Indian servers, read the entire statement.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was already in the spotlight for exchanging data with servers belonging to Chinese businesses.

Battlegrounds Mobile India attracted criticism for transferring data from Indian gamers to Chinese servers, which resulted in PUBG Mobile being banned in India last year. Despite the fact that Krafton seems to have addressed the problem with an update in the midst of mounting demands for an inquiry, but mainly a ban, the business has now spoken out about the whole ordeal. Krafton stated in a statement that for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, it “is striving to completely comply with the Indian laws and regulations.”

For the game, which is now in beta testing in India, Krafton told India Today Tech that the firm is “implementing the industry’s strictest standards for data protection.” And it’s this, according to Krafton, that explains why certain criteria don’t match expectations. Krafton went on to say that the Battlegrounds Mobile India team is “trying to address any issues” during the Early Access testing phase. The data sharing with Chinese servers was not an oversight, and Krafton is well aware of it. As a result, the business has discussed data sharing with companies located outside of India, but only as third-party solutions. The following is Krafton’s comment on the data sharing issue for Battlegrounds Mobile India:

Although Krafton has acknowledged to allowing Battlegrounds Mobile India to share certain data with other parties outside of India, it claims that user permission for data transfer from PUBG Mobile Global accounts. That makes sense since you have to accept a disclaimer while trying to transfer data from your PUBG Mobile Global account to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Proxima Beta Pte. Limited, headquartered in Singapore and controlled by Tencent Games, is in charge of your data transmission. The server connection with China Mobile Communication Corporation, on the other hand, is illogical. Krafton claimed it did not disclose data in breach of the privacy rules, but did not name the state-owned telecom provider.

The only way out is to use Krafton’s privacy policy. The business “may transmit your data to other countries and/or regions to run the gaming service and/or to satisfy regulatory obligations,” according to Krafton’s privacy policy. However, in the following paragraph, Krafton promises that if data is transferred to another country, the business would “take measures to guarantee that your information is protected to the same degree as if it stayed in India.”

Since reports of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s data sharing started to surface, the issue has piqued the interest of Indian lawmakers, with some immediately advocating for a ban and writing to the government to pursue it. Meenakshi Lekhi, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on India’s Data Protection Bill and a BJP Member of Parliament, took notice of the problem as well, and asked the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to investigate it. This is also when Krafton issued an update on Battlegrounds Mobile India to halt data-sharing with China Mobile Communication Corporation, but the harm had already been done.

Krafton’s remark is an effort to improve the game’s reputation before it is released to the general public in India. Battlegrounds Mobile is now available in India on Android phones.

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