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New feature of WhatsApp: ‘Mode disappearing,’ ‘Show once’

Zuckerberg states in this conversation that they are working towards the privatization of chats and communications after the messages go away.

WhatsApp is developing new and intriguing features to keep users’ conversations secret. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that in the next conversation with WhatsApp Head Would Cathcart, and WaBetaIfo, a website that monitors advancements relating to WhatsApp, new features including vanishing mode, displaying once and multidevice capabilities will be included.

In this conversation, Zuckerberg states that after the communications go away, she is working on making chats and texts more private. ‘We’re going to launch ‘disappearing’ mode, which enables messages in all your threads to disappear so that your WhatsApp experience will become fundamentally ephemeral,’ said Facebook founder and CEO in the conversation.

The internet contractor also claimed that WhatsApp was the first worldwide messaging network to provide end-to-end communications encryption.

In addition, he has verified ‘view once’ that the receiver may access the media file just once before it has been destroyed.

In addition, Zuckerberg also confirmed a multi-device capability. “Yup. It was a great technological challenge, but we have overcome this, and look forward to having all messages and information synchronized across devices when your phone is killed “The founder and CEO of Facebook said. Â

This function allows users to access WhatsApp’s account without an internet connection using various devices. Will Due to multi-device functionality, Cathcart says WhatsApp on iPad may be supported. Cathcart adds that up to 4 connected devices may be connected to the forthcoming functionality.

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