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The Google-Reliance vision takes form, with the ultra-affordable ‘JioPhone Next’ set to debut on September 10th.

Reliance Jio has launched a new cheap smartphone developed in collaboration with Google to meet India’s specific requirements. With this ultra-affordable 4G smartphone designed specifically for India, Reliance hopes to get millions of new customers online for the first time. This year’s debut date for this ultra-affordable 4G Android smartphone is September 10th.
“Last year, Sundar Pichai and I discussed Google and Jio working together to create a next-generation, feature-rich, yet very cheap smartphone targeted at giving 2G people with their first internet connection. Today, I’m excited to share that the Google and Jio teams have collaborated on a truly groundbreaking smartphone, which we’re calling JioPhone Next. It’s a fully-featured smartphone that supports the entire suite of Google and Jio apps, as well as the Android Play Store, which gives users access to the entire universe of Android apps “At the Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, said.

The JioPhone Next will be powered by a specially optimised version of the Android operating system created in collaboration with Jio and Google for the Indian market. It will support the Android Play Store, which will provide users access to the whole Android app world. The JioNext Phone will have a voice assistant, automated read aloud, off-screen text language translation, a smart camera with augmented reality filters, and much more, despite its low price.


“Our goal was to provide Indians with cheap access to information in their own language, to develop innovative goods and services tailored to India’s specific requirements, and to use technology to empower companies. I’m pleased to share the next stages in this goal with you today, beginning with a new cheap geo smartphone developed in collaboration with Google. It’s designed specifically for India, and it’ll open up new opportunities for millions of new people who will be exposed to the internet for the first time “Sundar Pichai, Google and Alphabet’s CEO, adds

Reliance Jio has become the first operator outside of China to reach 400 million customers in a single nation, according to the company’s 44th Annual General Meeting. “We owe a debt of gratitude to each and every one of our loyal clients. Jio is now the world’s second-largest mobile data provider, processing over 630 billion gigabytes of monthly traffic, thanks to them. This is a roughly 45 percent increase in data consumption “Ambani said.

Reliance spent Rs 57,123 crores in extra spectrum to improve its market position, and these investments have given the company the ability to enroll an additional 200 million consumers. In the long term, the firm wants to turn India into a 5G-yukt country, not simply a 2G-must one.

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